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How the Peruvian people reminded me of my ‘Why’

  In the Beginning… Upon arriving to Lima, Peru, I was excited to venture into and explore a new city! I knew nothing about the ...
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Who Run the World? It’s International Women’s Day!

  Today is International Women’s Day! What are you doing today to make this world a better place for all women? I know what I’m ...
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How They Got Started – Segment 1: B. Martin Studio – Brooklyn, NY

  This is a series of interviews from women entrepreneurs about learning and understanding how they first got started with their businesses and the challenges ...
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A Call To Action – Standing Up for What We Believe In

In a way, I feel like we are reliving the 1960s-era of activism that became so iconic and in some ways distorted, in its constant ...
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The Impact of Unconscious Bias

  As a black, Latina, queer, woman, I am surrounded by unconscious bias all the time and every day. I first notice unconscious bias at ...
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Freedom Over Fear. Fem is the Future. Tell me your stories.

  Freedom Over Fear January 21st, 2017, is a day that will go down in history as the “Rise of Women”. It was a day ...
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