15 Countries Open to United States Tourists During COVID-19

Now that we are more than 6 months into the pandemic, have you ever been wondering which countries you are allowed to enter as a U.S. tourist during COVID-19?

Well, you have come to the right place to find out! Right now, this is a continuous moving target as it relates to COVID-19.

Currently (as of September 2020), U.S. tourists are “allowed” to travel to (15) countries. There is a another (67) countries “partially allowing” travel to their countries with a bit more stringent restrictions.

Here is how it is broken up:

  • Allowed (15 countries) with some COVID-19 requirements & restrictions
  • Partially Allowed (67 countries) with more stringent COVID-19 requirements & restrictions
  • Banned (114 countries)

Total Countries: 196

What are those 15 countries open to U.S. tourists?

Here is the current list of the (15) countries open for U.S. tourists: 

  1. Albania
  2. American Samoa
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Djibouti
  5. Dominican Republic
  6. El Salvador
  7. Haiti
  8. Macedonia (FYROM)
  9. Maldives
  10. Mexico
  11. Palau
  12. Serbia
  13. St. Lucia
  14. Turkey
  15. United States

One of the most lenient countries to travel to, as of July 15th, 2020, is the Maldives. Global travelers, US citizens included, will not have to enter into a mandatory quarantine upon arrival at Velana International Airport in the capital, Male. Nor will they need to produce proof that they have tested negative for COVID-19.   

Partially Allowed Countries for U.S. Tourists

Now, you are probably wondering, what does “Partially Allow” mean and what are those countries? “Partially Allow” means that countries are “open” to travelers, but under tight screening and requirements before an individual is allowed to enter the country. Without a vaccination in place, these requirements will also continue to change.

Here are the top 5 COVID-19 requirements before entering a country:

  1. 14-day Quarantine/Self-Isolation
  2. Masks required in public spaces/public transport
  3. Swab test upon arrival
  4. Negative PCR test / proof of a negative result for COVID-19
  5. Complete an online health form (i.e “Electronic Health Visa”)

Here is the current list of the (67) “Partially Allowed” countries for U.S. tourists:

  1. Antigua & Barbuda
  2. Armenia
  3. Bahamas
  4. Bahrain
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Barbados
  7. Belarus
  8. Benin
  9. Boliva
  10. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  11. Brazil
  12. Brunei
  13. Bulgaria
  14. Burkina Faso
  15. Cambodia
  16. Chad
  17. Comoros
  18. Croatia
  19. Cote d’Ivoire
  20. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  21. Dominica
  22. Ecuador
  1. Egypt
  2. Equatorial Guinea
  3. Ethiopia
  4. France
  5. Gabon
  6. Ghana
  7. Grenada
  8. Guatemala
  9. Guinea
  10. Honduras
  11. Iran
  12. Iraq
  13. Ireland
  14. Jamaica
  15. Jordan
  16. Kenya
  17. Kuwait
  18. Latvia
  19. Lebanon
  20. Liberia
  21. Mali
  22. Mauritania
  23. Moldova
  1. Mozambique
  2. Namibia
  3. Nepal
  4. Nicaragua
  5. Nigeria
  6. Northern Mariana Islands
  7. Pakistan
  8. Papua New Guinea
  9. Republic of the Congo
  10. Rwanda
  11. Sierra Leone
  12. Slovenia
  13. Somalia
  14. South Korea
  15. St. Vincent & Grenadines
  16. Syria
  17. Tanzania
  18. Togo
  19. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  20. United Kingdom
  21. Uzbekistan
  22. Zambia

Please check back for further updates regarding countries open or banned to U.S. tourists. For further assistance with traveling in today’s world during COVID-19, reach out to Nomada Travel via email @ hello@travelnomada.co or DM us @travelnomadaco!

When to Travel & When Not to Travel. That is the Question. Don’t Always Believe the Media Hype – “Fake News”

The Time Square of Istanbul is what Taksim Square is today! It was a busy Friday night like any other city in the world without the protest; even with police on standby. Good food, Good drinks, Good fun! My friends & I found this amazing place for dinner off the main strip called Ficcin Sokak. They had affordable prices with delicious plates! The menu was even in English! We ended the evening at a hookah bar with open mic night and this entertaining Turkish host named Ayup. (you may see him in a pic or two!)

When I first visited Turkey (July 2013), the media was hyped on a protest that started back in the spring of 2013. It was a peaceful environmental protest aimed at saving an Istanbul city centre park from shopping centre developers backed by the government. The frustration and demonstrations appeared to be snowballing into a national display of anger at the perceived high-handedness of the Erdogan government.

Police staged consecutive raids on protesters, using tear gas and water cannon, but the protests grew in scale, with artists, intellectuals and opposition MPs joining the ranks.

Yes, there were people injured during the protest, but in reality, the police were just throwing tear gas anywhere they could, even in a cafe full of non-protesters.

Taksim square was the most affected area but when I was there with my friends, the peaceful protest only happened on Saturdays and the police were the ones egging on the protesters, continuously throwing tear gas wherever there was a crowd of people. (See video link)

Down the street, while all this was going on, people were enjoying a nice weekend dinner outside. To be honest, it was a little annoying, as that was what my friends and I wanted to do to begin with – enjoy a nice dinner! So to that end, don’t always believe the hype or even for that matter today – fake news.