Nomada Travel Company was created to empower & inspire women and minorities to travel authentically...

But also, to design authentic, personalized trips & experiences for remote workers, digital nomads, solo travelers, first timers, couples, friends, groups, & families for all occasions!

My mission is two-fold:

First, to visit all the countries in the world! That’s at least 200+ countries!

On top of that, I have added a little twist – I am on my way to breaking the Guinness World Record in becoming the fastest and first Afro-Latina to have visit all of the countries of the world – well, at least 196+ recognized by the United Nations (UN) as sovereign member states.

Second, through my own travel and life experiences, I want to enable and encourage others to travel authentically, as exactly who you are, no matter what you look like, where you come from, or who you love. Women and minorities confront a multitude of challenges when traveling to parts of the world where discrimination, racism, sexism, and gender inequality exist. With Nomada, you can challenge your fears and limiting cultural norms so that you can experience a new kind of freedom.

The Nomada Values



It simply means BEING YOU! All that is raw & vulnerable. All what you feel, think and do is all in alignment. You are being authentically YOU!



Many of us, if not all of us, want to understand who we are and why we do the things that we do. We can find most of the answers through our family heritage. But to learn more about your personal heritage, you have to get involved and one way of getting involved is through travel. We can design trips to help you along the way of discovering who you truly are. 



You have the willingness to go where you have not been before and do things you’ve never done, even if you don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

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