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Simply ‘Ah-Maine-Zing’!

With only a few hours from the heart of New York City and less than two hours from Boston, Maine is a fantastic, quick getaway from ...
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Taiwan – A little bit of politics goes a long ways…

  Politics… Did you know that Taiwan is not recognized by the United Nations as country. More specifically, the United Nations does not considered Taiwan ...
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How the Peruvian people reminded me of my ‘Why’

  In the Beginning… Upon arriving to Lima, Peru, I was excited to venture into and explore a new city! I knew nothing about the ...
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“The Paris of South America”

City Life With its uneven sidewalks, screeching buses & European architecture (French & Roman influence), you are immediately thrusted into the throws of the hustle ...
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New Zealand: The Land of Rainbows

  “Simply Magnificent! Wow! Stunning! Impressive! Spectacular! Blessed! A site to see! You have to experience yourself to believe it” – These are all catch ...
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Nightlife: Best 3 LGBTQ Bars in Tokyo

  My last night in Tokyo was an epic one as I visited some of the best LGBTQ bars in the gay district of Tokyo ...
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