Surf, Eat, Sleep, and Repeat…

Surf/Yoga Retreat – La Pura Vida!


Surf, Eat, Sleep, and repeat, Surf, Eat, Sleep…like a wash cycle. This was my fantastic schedule for 7 days with the folks of Pura Vida Adventures! Not only was I improving on my surfing skills, but also, I was losing a couple of pounds and getting toned very quickly! The meals were mostly meatless with chia-seed, spirulina bowls, fish tacos and/or veggie omelets. We were constantly eating but we were also constantly active with surfing and restorative yoga. I was definitely living the life! – La Pura Vida


The most fulfilling part of this profound experience were the wonderful, strong, intelligent, powerful women I met. From journalism to educational entrepreneurs and English teachers turned amateur surfer, these women were more than just surfers, they were shakers & movers within their fields. We had a small, intimate group of three women, where normally it’s about 15-20 people. So with our small group, we definitely made the most of it while getting to know each other pretty well! Our group of 3 strangers left as 3 friends!


About surfing

The best time to surf is usually early in the morning, 6am-9am or when the tides are high enough for catching a good wave following the moon and tide schedule. Check out the surf report at Magic Seaweed for tide information. Personally, I prefer the early morning hours before the rush, get my workout in and out of the way and still have time to do some creative work and take a nap later in the day.


The hardest part about learning to surf is simply getting out into the water with your board. You need the physical stamina to paddle out and keep going. And then the fun begins. After standing on the board a few times in the whitewater near the shore, its time to paddle out into the green waves to really get some momentum. And now you’ve become a surfer!


Surf Comedy

There’s comedy in surfing too! One of our surf instructors from Pura Vida Adventures, UK native, Helen Bowditch, started a blog called “Kook Bitches”. The word “Kook” is a surfing term for a novice surfer who pretends to know how to surf but don’t follow the rules of the surf lineup. Ask Helen to tell you the full story of how she came up with the name!


The blog essentially showcases these surf shenanigans including surf wipe out videos to complete your entertainment. Helen also provides informational surf instruction videos and tips and tricks on surfing. Check out her hilarious blog of “Kook Bitches” here.


Why Surf

For me, surfing is a meditative experience! Simply just sitting on the surf board out in the vast ocean is restorative, rejuvenating and energizing. The experience of surfing and being in the water is my life. I always need to live near a body of water in order to fill alive otherwise I would wither away into oblivion.


And let’s not forget, surfing is a great full body workout. Fighting the rough, vigorous waves is THE BEST resistance and cardio workout on the planet! Do it for a week at Pura Vida Adventures and you’ll loose a few pounds instantly!


For more information about surfing, Costa Rica or Pura Vida Adventures feel free to comment below.