Nightlife: Best 3 LGBTQ Bars in Tokyo


My last night in Tokyo was an epic one as I visited some of the best LGBTQ bars in the gay district of Tokyo – Shinjuku-Nichome!

Tac’s Knot – Gay Mixed

Location: 3 Chome−26−11, 12 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan (on 2nd floor with a sun on door)

Hours: Daily 8pm – 3am


I started out my night at Tac’s Knot – This 35 year old bar was ahead of its time, hence why the location is so hard to find. You got to have a knack for playing the game of scavenger hunt in order to find this spectacular bar! Spectacular because Taq, himself, (if you can catch him on some nights as he only works 2 nights a week), is not only a genuine person, but truly a talented and amazing artist with works in the British Museum! See his website here. And if you ask, he will show you his portfolio!


Taq’s in-house mixologist, Taihei, will also make you a special drink, if you ask nicely! The drinks were great, but a little expensive. But who cares when you meet so many wonderful individuals in one “small gay” hole in the wall!

Bar Goldfinger – Gay Mixed/Women’s Only Bar (every 3rd Saturday)

Location: 2 Chome-12-11 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan

Hours: Daily 6pm – 2am/4am (on weekends)


After about 3 drinks in, it was time to move on to Bar Goldfinger, a mostly lesbian bar, hence the name! Every 3rd Saturday, men (gay or straight) are not allowed to enter the bar as this is a special night for women only. I must say its about time. Men, I love you all, but sometimes you crowd our spaces and we just want to have a little femme time!

Campy! Bar – Gay Mixed

Location: 2 Chome−13−10, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Hours: Daily 3pm – 5am/8am (on weekends)


Lastly but not least is this all time classic gay bar, specializing in drag queens, is by far one of the most popular gay bars in Tokyo with late, late hours (3pm – 5am/8am) or early morning hours (whichever you prefer). Watch out NYC!


So if you ever find yourself in Tokyo, not only is the Shinjuku District nightlife popping for everyone, it’s also a nice area for shopping and for resting your head as there are a ton of hotels here. Check out the hotel I stayed at for an affordable price as Tokyo can be pretty expensive!